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As individual legislation and policies are debated in Sacramento, the IECLA has developed the following Guiding Principals that reflect our position.

Worker's Compensation

A good Worker’s Compensation system is essential for the health and well-being on businesses and employees.  Unfortunately, the system has gone through so many overhauls, by so many different administrations, that the system has become flawed.  The high cost of premiums served as the main reason that many businesses left California and moved to other states.

         The IECLA supports legislation to keep worker’s compensation insurance affordable to all employers. The system must be fair to both employers and employees.

  • The IECLA encourages legislative efforts to keep waste and fraud out of the system.


Water and energy needs are critical issue for the growth of business in California.  Business needs to find ways to become more energy efficient without losing productivity. 

  • The IECLA actively participates in energy and water events to keep businesses informed about long-term solutions for our over-extended resources.
  • The IECLA supports efforts to make energy and water more affordable for business.
  • The IECLA is dedicated to supporting efforts of research and development of alternative energy sources and conservation of our current resources.
  • The IECLA is a member of California’s Water Future Alliance.


Transportation issues are vital to the business community.  Businesses need to be able to move their goods and deliver their products on time.  Employees of businesses need to be able to get to their jobs on time and not waste hours in traffic on our roads and freeways.  

  • The IECLA supports measures to ease congestion, repair roads and encourage public transportation.
  • The IECLA supported Measure I and Proposition 42 as part of the long-term solutions to our road and highway issues. 
  • We have also supported Proposition 1.  The Proposition closed a loophole that allowed Sacramento to divert funds (from gasoline taxes) apportioned for transportation to other projects.    

Health Care

We truly believe businesses want to provide affordable health care to their employees.  Health insurance premiums have soared so high that many small employers are unable to provide health insurance to their employees.

  • The IECLA has great concerns about health care and health insurance issues in California.
  • We have shared our concerns with local legislators that California needs affordable health care for all employees. We have urged them to endorse conformity with the Federal rules regarding Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s).
  • The IECLA has not supported establishing a bureaucracy (state) that will administer any health care plan.
  • The IECLA would like to see incentives to businesses that offer health insurance to employees rather than forcing businesses and their employees into a state-run healthcare system.

The IECLA also hosts programs to educate and promote business issues for the Inland Empire.

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